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Medicare Pay-Per-Call

What we do:

We are a leading-edge lead generation company specializing in Pay-Per-Call marketing, dedicated to delivering high-quality leads directly to end buyers like you. Partnering with major industry players such as Humana, United Healthcare, and many others, we bring a wealth of expertise and proven success to the table. With the capacity to handle over 10,000 inbound calls daily, we ensure a steady stream of potential customers eager to engage with your insurance offerings. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our weekly ad spend budgets, ranging between five to six figures, allowing us to continuously optimize campaigns and maximize results for our valued clients. Trust us to fuel your growth with targeted, intent-driven leads tailored to your specific needs.


Most typical process used now (5% Close Rate)

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What makes our
Process Different?

Insurance lead generation is a dynamic landscape constantly shaped by evolving consumer behaviors and technological advancements. Traditional methods like form-fills or information events have long been mainstays, but the emergence of Pay-Per-Call marketing signifies a significant shift in approach. Unlike static form fills, Pay-Per-Call marketing leverages real-time connections, offering live leads actively seeking insurance solutions. This method prioritizes intent-driven interactions, connecting agents with prospects who are more likely to convert. By embracing Pay-Per-Call marketing, insurers can tap into a stream of high-quality leads, adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market and maximizing conversion opportunities.


How our leads are generated

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Our calls are generated through multiple different channels. This includes social media flows like Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok and other more traditional channels like Google ads and GoogleMyBusiness.

What can we offer you?

We offer you a team of lead generation experts directly at your fingertips. If you are selling insurance in the medicare space why get bogged down by attempting to place ads and create marketing teams which increase your overhead. Let us help you and your team not worry about enrollments. We have a diverse team of experts in the field that will allow you to focus on what you do best, sell!

Our team is comprised of Industry Experts, Including:

  • Media Buyers

  • Creative Designers

  • Copywriters

  • Google/YouTube/Social Media Experts

  • Campaign Managers

  • Automation Experts

  • Licensed Agents/Providers

  • Call Center Owners/Managers

  • Business Development Experts

Scripting and Quality Improvement

We offer tailored scripting and quality improvement resources to insurance agents, whether they're new to the industry or seasoned professionals. Our approach includes providing recordings of successful agent interactions, showcasing effective strategies and responses. Additionally, we offer a variety of scripts designed for different scenarios, helping agents handle inquiries and objections with confidence. By leveraging these resources, agents can refine their skills, improve their performance, and provide exceptional service to clients.

Are you training new agents? 

The software that we use for call tracking is available free of charge to all our clients. This software allows senior agents the ability to review calls that a new agent is completing in real time. Instead of holding the hand of new agents this allows the senior agents to still perform at the top of their game and increases productivity while fostering the sales skills and techniques.

Case Study

We performed a case study which compared typical form fill leads to our pay per call model. Both studies were performed by the same agent who has had 10 years of experience. Each model used the same sales technique and scripting developed by her agency.

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Medicare Inbound Calls
Pricing Details

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*Ask about our Referral Program which provides up to $1 off PER LEAD!

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